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Olive & Angelo was born from a love of people and a vision to build a restaurant where people can come together to enjoy fantastic food & beverage and stellar service in a homely setting. Headed by the man himself; Angelo Leonforte, the team deliver to Brisbane a traditional yet revolutionary culinary experience. Having created a menu combined of traditional Italian dishes, with a plethora of options to cater to our vegan & gluten free diners. And don't you worry - that doesn't mean missing out on fresh hand-rolled pizzas or hand-made pastas!


At Olive & Angelo we invest in sourcing the finest and freshest ingredients to assemble and deliver what we consider is a memorable signature of authentic Italian cuisine.


Through every element of our restaurant we aim to enrich, and invite everyone to come in a join us and commemorate the occasion.


Our doors are open!


Angelo and his daughter Marria, the 

manager at  Olive & Angelo

We love the joy our staff bring to the job, getting to share that with Brisbane is an absolute gift.

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